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WIP logic sandbox game

Playing around with logic gates is fun; I really enjoyed software such as Multimedia Logic, constructing massive messy computers during the summer breaks. Currently I have tests to learn and projects to finish, therefore I worked quite hard on a hobby project; a logic sandbox game.

The game, or should I say simulation engine? currently features the basic logic gates and some more fancy equipment such as a mill and electronic wind vane. For the wind vane I used the design from "How to measure wind?" and drew it in Inkscape (It is already fully functional). The reason I am adding objects like the mill to the game is to add at least some challenge to the game for the ones who lack ideas on what to build and it broadens the overall degree of possibilities too. The rotary counter I could reuse from another project, the counter is completely vector based; it doesn't use a single texture.

Next up are implementing more advanced ic's, terminal screen (See second image) and a tape-drive as that was one of the most fun objects in Multimedia Logic.

Edit: I implemented a tape drive based on the QIC tapes, the amount of tracks (bits) is configurable between 1 and 8, and the tape length is also configurable. The tape is nicely animated; the tape transitions realistically between the spindles. The drive has write and read mode, in read mode the drive produces floating states in between the bytes to allow tracking the tape position, in write mode the data supplied at the write connectors is simply written to the head position. The drive speed is optionally configurable by supplying an analog signal, and finally an 'end' detection connector is present which is 1 when the end of the tape is reached.

Another important feature I added is saving the game to JSON, enabling storage of levels on a server or maybe in the HTML5 web storage. I think enabling saving the level state lowers the barrier for the construction of more complicated machinery and it could allow for sharing of saves, which would be great.

Screenshot of the current state of the sandbox.Screenshot of a terminal screen simulator I wrote and might implement in this game.Screenshot of the new tapedrive.

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