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New website launched

This place has been abandoned for too long.

Welcome to my website! I am Buys de Barbanson, I am a bioinformatics master's student at the University Leiden and the TU-Delft.

For years I wanted to redesign my website. I created about six different versions, which were all abandoned before I finished them. Making a website has proven to be hard; finishing it is even harder (at least to me it is). Finishing this website was possible by reducing the aims a little, starting simple and using existing design which has proven itself already on my posters and presentations.

Currently the website is entirely flat-file based, everything which looks dynamic is client side Javascript. The biggest feature is the code to load Sozi presentations on the fly as these are a little too big (about 5Mb) to serve to everyone opening the index page and I added some functionality which allows for rescaling and viewing the presentation in a theater like mode.

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